Art# RM-R10

Professional Vintage Razors *Mirror Polish Finish **Carbon Stainless steel *54~56Rockwell *Wooden Handle *Convex Blade with Sharp Pointed Edge.  *Ultra Razor Sharp blades *Hand Sharpened *Triple hand Honing *Easy-Smooth Working 

We also carry comprehensive variety of straight shaving razors, Titanium coated razor,  Foldable Barber Salon Straight Edge Sharp Shaving Razor Blades Manual Beard Shaver Cutter, Shave ready Vintage razor, Solid straight razor,

Superb Fine quality Straight Razor, High carbon silver steel easier to sharpen, Full Hollow ground Biconcave blades, point is rounded, Razor with sharp blade, beautiful Laser imprinting Logo. Strong Wooden or Plastic or Metal Handel.With beautiful Leather case having Zipper. Leather case is also imprinted with Custom Logo,

It will provide the finest shave possible for many generations to come

We also produce Double sided handcrafted Genuine high quality flexible Leather Strop. RAMAFHH Razor strop keeps your blade razor - sharp, ensuring a close and clean shave. See here Super Sharp, Rust Free, Laser Printed, Beautiful Titanium Coated Straight Razors

All Ramafhh products are guaranteed for life against defects in materials and workmanship. We offer a 4 week unconditional money back guarantee! So try the tools for the two weeks trial period at no risk. We want 100% satisfied customers!