Barbar Scissors

Art# RM-RS220CLA

This Symmetric handle model razor sharp scissors is a perfect for comfortable and elegant cuttings, elegance, comfort and design,

Symmetric Handle, with Large powerful blades, Extremely Sharp and smooth.  

Color Coated, Micrometic screw tightening system,

with Rockwell 54-56 made of Japanese Stainless Steel, Available Size 5, 5.5, 6" & 6.5"

with fantastic Convex edges, razor sharp blades, hollow ground, Triple hand honed, special style adjustable Micrometic Screw, with silencer, Fixed finger rest, Soft finger rings this shear is great for getting into those hard to Reach angles with ease and comfort to your wrists, shoulders and hands.

Handmade, available in Mirror Shiny finish, super matt, Plating, any natural Color or PVD coating